About Us

While Johnson Motor Yachts of Taiwan have been manufacturing Motor Yachts for over 20 years, Johnson Motor Yachts Australia has only been on the scene for approximately 18 months. The boats had been previously marketed in Australia by another individual. It is our ambition to bring Johnson’s reputation and profile to one of the more dominant Motor Yacht companies in Australia in the next few years, as they are throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The acquisition of this business came about solely because one of the directors of newly established JMY Australia purchased a Johnson 58 and was so impressed after two years of extensive sea and inland waterway use, that approaches were made to acquire the import and distribution rights. These opinions were shared with many experienced boat owners who had had trips on the boat and a personal friend and business colleague that also purchased a 50% share of the new business. What impressed all of the persons who experienced the use of the boat as well as the owners, were the inclusions, attention to detail, with the finishes and the sea keeping ability of the boats.

With a new 75 footer being just completed at the time of acquisition and establishment of the company, this worked out perfectly to fill the void in what we believe will be the next step with clients moving into the serious motor yacht size. The 'Advantage Series 58' has been introduced by JMY Australia and it is a fully option-up 58 footer with all the inclusions standard and very competitive price.

The 75 footer has just been completed and had excellent review from Ocean after sea trials and is currently on display also.

Johnson manufactures 87 and 103 footers and is underway with a new 125' superyacht model. All boat sizes have a number of designs with your choice of electronics, white goods and internal décor included in our prices.

Please feel free to visit the various motor yacht size details on this website and please contact us if we can be of any service.

"What impresses people are the inclusions, attention to detail with the finishes and sea-keeping ability."